Blonde Balayage Hairstyles that are Cute and Easy

The Balayage hairstyles on blond hairs are numerous. Find 50 Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hairstyles that are Cute and Easy here to choose from:

  1. Beautiful cut with sun kissed colors –For shoulder length hair – sun kissed highlights.
  2. Smoked color with gray highlights –with light color of the hair and the gray tones.
  3. Blond Balayage – this style is natural in color and highlighted with blonde streaks.
  4. Medium blond styling hair – This is a no fuss style and sleek layers.
  5. Curls that will turn heads – The hair will stun with purple hair color.
  6. Optical illusions and highlights – The balayage adds varied features to the highlight.
  7. Balayage style opted at home – You can balayage your hair at home. Follow videos and get superb style.
  8. Beautiful hairs with Balayagi – The blond hair with dark brown highlights look bold.
  9. Blond hair with caramel highlights – long flowing hair with dark brown at the roots.
  10. Dark brown base with blond ombre beige and balayaged highlightes – Dark brown color at the roots with soft flowing blond.
  11. Miguel balayage – Locks extends at the back of the neck.
  12. Tortoise shell balayage – the layers with balayage and ombre at the tips.
  13. Chocolate and light caramel balayage – This style is beautifully done with chocolate and caramel shades.
  14. Purple based hair with honey soft shade – The purple highlights of vertical shade.
  15. Brown shades in dark and light – This is a classic look on long hairs.
  16. Soft blend of brown ombre look – The transition from dark to light shade is smooth and looks good for the curly hair.
  17. Dark shades with soft highlights at the top and tips – This style will be dark at most parts and tips will be ashy.
  18. Blond hair with a slight dark blond shade for highlights – This often look like a same color but has a natural look.
  19. Top layer with balayage –Simple style with the top layer only.
  20. Balayage at the tips – The tips are highlighted and frames the face.
  21. Regular highlights framing face – The front locks will have highlights in lighter shade and long locks look radiant.
  22. Straight hair with movement of light in it – Not much changes but the outer layer brings fresh look.
  23. Beach style with messy waves and highlights – The highlights with waves and beach style with natural brown hair.
  24. Golden brown caramel – The caramel shade of hair with curls at the bottom.
  25. Dark hair with very light and less highlighted style – The hair looks mysterious with lights and darkness.
  26. Less mystic but very practical – the dark hair with lighter shades of practicality.
  27. Bring perfect hair color with volcano shade – The color of hair is dark maroon.
  28. Brown hair with strawberry pink lines – give the effect of beauty at its best.
  29. Raspberry hair at the bottom waves – Mix of raspberry and cherry blossom.
  30. Turning of heads with blue head – The hair roots are lighter shade with deep shade at the tips.
  31. Hunger games style – color combination is with blond and pastel pink.
  32. Natalie Di Santo – with dark shade at roots and lighter blond and dark brown highlights.
  33. Straight silver color hair with ice gray hue – Good for business environment
  34. Curly hair with caramel and blond streaks – layered hair with caramel curls.
  35. Thick hair with blond Balayage – The platinum blond hues is perfect.
  36. Ash blond hair color with waves – Waves with ash blond color and some blue lighting.
  37. Sleek gorgeous medium hair – roots darkened and lighter bottom and sheen on hair.
  38. Curly medium hair with light brown waves – Roots is darker shade with golden sheen.
  39. Blond bob hair and lighter purple shades – lavender streaks on blond short hair.
  40. Complete blond locks with hidden dark brown roots – Lovely long hair with blond hue.
  41. Grey hair color with smoky soft shades and violet streaks – gives a smoky effect.
  42. Blond dark hair with caramel streaks to give golden hue – experiments with highlighting.
  43. Platinum blond with light brown highlights – cool look with deep brown roots.
  44. Brown headful of hair with the tips wavy and blond – choppy layers with blond colors.
  45. Face framing color – face framing blond shade with dark brown roots.
  46. Wavy or curly hair with beautiful mixture of dark and light shade of brown and blond.
  47. Straight hair with lighter shade of brown at roots and the blond streaks – give a chic look.
  48. Lustrous blond waves – Thick hair with waves and the tips in blond shock.
  49. Long platinum shades – the gradient dye, with dirty blonde and lighter shades.
  50. Honey blond hair and long silver waves – highlights with silver is perfect shine.

Pick any of the above popular 50 Bombshell Blonde Balayage Hairstyles that are Cute and Easy.