Brief Study about Italian Men’s Stylish Dress Code to Obtain a Winning Look

Italian menswear fashion takes pride in being classic and luxuriously stylish, even when they heavily represent on street-style blogs. With nothing at their disposal besides great clothes, excellent taste, and privileged self-assurance celebrities and models have become menswear megastar. Well, how do they get that conspicuously Italian look?

To add Italian swagger touch to your personal style needs a short study of small things like sleeve or trouser lengths and big aspects like color and fabric choices, which successful males do to get the winning look.

How men can dress like true Italian?

Right suit

Blazers are cut at specific standards. Generally, they are not too tight on the body and soft on shoulders because padding found in traditional structured jacket is removed. Thus, you get relaxed feel and look!

Materials suitable for Italian suits and their climate are linen and cotton because these are lighter. In winter, you can choose cashmere or mohair. The suits might likely look wrinkled and crumpled, which many sharp and neat looking guys may object, but this is essential to obtain a relaxed comfortable feel. In a workplace, where smart-casual wear is a policy then this style will kill.

Correct trouser length

Italians don’t wear trousers, which overlap their ankle and shoe tops. Formal trouser length tends to be above shoe top. Where the hem meets up the shoe top without rubbing against one another, it is called ‘Shivering break’. It allows you to display the details of the shoes like drivers, loafers, or double monks, clearly.

Swap formal shirt

Being full suited up is uncomfortable but to harness a relaxed, average off-duty look, just switching your formal shirt is fine. Switch formal shirts with pastel or white colored Italian shirts to give a casual impression.

If you wish to keep the formal short then just roll your sleeves and open top buttons to look relaxed.

Select right colors

You will find that Italian style fashion books don’t display bold colors, but work with specific palette. Usually, colors stay well between warm and neutral shades like white, beige, light grey, stone, and sand. Neutral colors keep you cool in summer because sunlight gets reflected.

Fashionable footwear

To complete the look, you need to select fashionable footwear like the loafer or driver shoes. Drivers’ shoes were designed with an aim to allow drivers to use the pedals properly. Teaming up with driver shoes along with short sleeve shirt & chinos and neutral colored suit is ideal for casual occasion.