Facts about Steroids

Steroids are generally artificial hormones that are used by the people in medical use as a painkiller, treating asthma and skin related problems or as a supplement to improve strength and muscular mass. Anabolic steroids are artificially produced hormones that are similar to androgen. Athletes and health enthusiasts take anabolic steroids because of the testosterone-like effects i.e., enhancement in muscles mass and strength. But with its advantages come the disadvantages too and if not used cautiously then it may lead to side-effects.

It is to be kept in mind that when used sensibly and with proper care, steroids can be safe. In the earlier days, people had developed their own dosage of steroid through trial and error method which turned out to be dangerous. Later through detailed study, it has been found that when used in a logical sequence along with proper dosage, steroids give the greatest benefits. This revolution has turned out to be very helpful to the bodybuilders especially. Different steroids have different uses for bodybuilders and are guided by certain factors like age, sex and purpose of use.

Follow a Steroid Cycle

The cycle of logical sequence in the use of steroids is referred as a steroid cycle. Athletes and bodybuilders call it on-cycle to refer to the period of intake of steroids. Similarly, the period when they do not take steroids is referred as off-cycle. Generally, the average cycle varies in between 6-12 weeks depending upon the requirement and dosage. Many times while undergoing a particular cycle it is seen that two or more anabolic steroids are used, this process is known as stacking. This process can result in a massive gain in mass and strength, which will be very difficult for a single steroid to deliver but this should be strictly followed by experienced and advanced steroids users.

When your body gets used to the steroid intake and learned how a particular substance works on your body, you can experiment with some different types of cycles and stack. There are quite a few cycles that can be followed while using a steroid. Three –week Blitz is one of the various cycles in which each steroid is taken for 3 weeks where the first steroid dose is taken for 2 weeks and on the 3rd week a second substance is started. The next cycle that can be followed is the Double Mini cycle where 2-3 steroids are stacked for 6 weeks. Inverted pyramid is another cycle that begins with a large amount of steroid and decreases until the level of steroids in the body comes to a minimum.

Points to be kept in mind before starting a Cycle

If you are absolutely new to using a steroid, it should be made sure that you do not take steroids until your body stops growing. Benefits of Steroid uses for bodybuilder and athletes have been very evident so it should be used properly to be maximum benefitted. A first time user is recommended to start with a pure testosterone as it is the most active agent present on most of the steroids and notice as how the body reacts.  A dosage of 400mgs per week is considered sufficient for the 1st cycle and the 1st cycle should not be continued for more than 12 weeks.