Gemstones: A Birthstone For Each Month

Gemstones are a beautiful source of nature which we are lucky enough to be able to wear. They are natural minerals of the earth which are cut, polished and finished to be made into jewellery and they are one of the most popular types of jewellery around. Gemstone jewellery covers many different types and styles of jewellery with anything from pearls to diamonds and they can be bought at any price range so are suitable for anyone to invest in and wear. There are many benefits to gemstone jewellery particularly the aesthetic side, and with the huge variety of gemstones of every colour to choose from there is a perfect stone out there for everyone. There are some unusual facts about gemstones which make gemstone jewellery exciting and interesting, however many people are unaware of them so we’ve teamed up with Heritage Jewellery to find out more.

A Gemstone For Every Month

There is a gemstone to represent every month of birth, and it is said that wearing your birth stone can bring you luck and other energies. It is a great way to choose the perfect gemstone for you if you are having difficulty deciding, and just like the zodiac signs different stones help different people. Everyone has different traits and personalities said to be set around your star sign, so naturally your birthstone will correspond with this and help you in different ways. Some stones are said to bring love, others strong relationships and even help fertility, and although you may not believe in spirituality it is an interesting and exciting theory which will truly draw you in. Even if this isn’t something you believe in, having and wearing a birthstone brings a personal element to individual pieces of jewellery unlike any other.

A Spiritual Element

If choosing your gemstone around the month you were born doesn’t really interest you but you are still interested in the spiritual sides of the stones, each stone has an individual meaning and can help you in different ways. Maybe there is something missing from your life or you need a little push with something, there are gemstones which can help different people in different ways. This is very similar to wearing your birthstone, however you can simply choose a stone depending on your wants and needs. There are many ways of choosing the perfect gemstone for you, and some people simply buy a piece because of the colour of the stone or beautiful design on the piece. However knowing that particular gemstones may help you in certain aspects of your life may sway the way you choose. This can also be a great gift for someone. Buying someone a piece of jewellery containing their birthstone or a gemstone you think they may benefit from shows thought and care and can make the perfect statement.

However you decide to choose your gemstone, they are and always will be one of the most beautiful types of jewellery available. With delicate translucent stones to bright and bold colours, there is a gemstone out there for everyone and for any occasion. It is likely that you already own a gemstone piece if you are a lover of jewellery, however if you are yet to invest then now is the time to do so. Different gemstones have different rarities so some may be pricier than others, however as each stones rarity increases so does the value. Spending money on a gemstone means you will have something beautiful which will last you a lifetime, however you may also benefit later in life. So buy a beautiful gemstone today whether it be your birthstone or not, and you will have something to admire and cherish for years to come.