Great Fashion Tips To Help You Stay Fashionable And Fresh This Summer

It is quiet normal to get a little irritated thinking what to wear and what not in summers. The thing is in winters no matter what you wear, you will end up throwing a large sweater coat on top.

However, in summers there is a complete different scenario. So, here are a few fashion tricks using which you can stay away from being a sweaty mess as well as look and feel trendy.

How to avoid being a sweaty mess this summer?

  • Stick to cotton and linen material clothes: Both cotton and linen are made from natural fiber and hence absorb moisture instead of repelling it. Also, they are pretty lightweight and gets dry quickly.
  • Wear loose clothes: Generally people believe that shorts and tank tops are for summers. Well, no wonder they are, but if you want to avoid sweat, try out flowing maxi dresses this summer. They are extremely comfortable and will make you feel cooler. In fact, loose tops and dresses are most recommended by well-known fashion websites like 310 Rosemont.
  • Avoid wearing clothes with lining: Extra lining is not only an extra layer of clothing on your body, but it is also generally of synthetic material. Now, this clearly means less breathability and more sweat.
  • Always wear socks, scarf and shades: Shades are fine, but a scarf and socks might seem a little odd. Well the thing is a small cotton scarf can help by absorbing the sweat around your neck area and also keep your hair from getting wet because of sweat. As far as socks are concerned, they keep your feet clean and fresh. Sandals might seem a better option, but open shoes means dirt and dirt means hot and sweat.
  • Wear light colors: It is well-known that dark colors absorb light which light colors reflect. So, when out in sun, dress in lighter shades and stay cooler.

  • Cover your skin while in sun: Most people think that the more open the more cooler. Well, this isn’t correct. In fact, if your skin is open in the sun, the sunlight wont only damage it, but also enhance your body temperature, and this means you feel hot.
  • Avoid jewelry: Earrings are good since they don’t touch your skin so much, but avoid wearing heavy necklaces, bracelets, and rings, during day time.

So, here you go… however, last but not the least, try to take hot water baths in summers instead of cold. For sure, using cold water might definitely seem better, but it will only make your body temperature rise. There are chances you might start sweating even before leaving the house.