How to Choose Salon Furnishings

If you have opened up a salon, choosing trendier furnishings might be tempting. However, you also need to realise that you are making a major business purchase. As these kinds of furnishings are not easy to replace, therefore you need to reach a balance between style and function. Making conservative selections will help you obtain a timeless look that can evolve easily with the various trends that come and go.


So, when it comes to a salon chair, it is important to look at how it functions. After all, without a salon chair, you won’t be able to conduct business. You need to choose chairs that are comfortable for the patron and practical for the stylist. Look first to make sure the chair operates and moves as needed. Then, narrow your selections to those chairs that meet your criteria for design and functionality. Pick the chair that offers the most classic look.

Classic Furnishings – Why They Are Preferable

Classic furnishings are called “classic” for a reason. It means they can withstand the test of time. So, when you are choosing a company that features furnishings and Salon Supply in Australia, work with a retailer that offers a “classic” line of items. The materials used for furniture must be well-constructed as well as fashionable. Decide on only the kind of construction and design that will last for years at a time. Whilst modern forms and bespoke finishes look spectacular, they will also date your salon after about five years’ time.

When to Add Modern Pieces

Once you choose classic furnishings and chairs for your salon, you can include contemporary pieces to provide personality and style. Lighting fixtures are some of the easiest accessories to add some interest to a salon’s décor. You can indulge in paint and wallpaper as well. Any artwork can be switched out when it starts to look dated. So, select pieces that look great now, knowing they will have to be replaced when design trends start to change.


When you select salon furnishings that are timeless, it does not mean they have to be boring. Classic salon type furniture can adequately serve a salon for years, as well as blend seamlessly as the décor changes over time. Again, trendy furniture will look great today, but, unfortunately, it will make a poor show in five or ten years. When done properly, classic and timeless furniture looks modern, fresh, and new any time it is used.

Salon Chairs – The Different Types

Once you decide on a classic style, you will find that salon furnishings are available in various designs and types. For example, chairs come in the form of dryer chairs, barber chairs, shampoo chairs, and styling chairs.  Styling chairs are the most common type of salon chair. Therefore, they should be made to comfortably seat a client and make it possible for the stylist to adjust the seating.

Dryer chairs are salon chairs with a hooded dryer attachment while shampoos chairs, simple in design, are made to recline so clients can position themselves against a shampoo bowl. Barber chairs, normally used in barber shops, are bigger in size and therefore more masculine in style. They can be reclined for such services as shaving.

As you can see, careful consideration needs to go into making this choice. Make sure you incorporate your furnishings so they can be easily integrated into your salon’s design.