Need a fat loss solution – try the Clen

Popularly marketed as a magic pill, the Clen is one of the favorite weight-loss supplements among professional athletes and bodybuilders due to its high anabolic and mildly androgenic abilities. The ability of this component to reduce unwanted body fat while retaining lean muscle mass is what makes it an effective fat burner. Though much is yet to be known about this beta-2 adrenergic agonist it will be a prudent decision not to unnecessarily abuse this substance with the aim of generating better results. Instead, taking the help of a professional health-care expert will help to channelize the efforts through the right path to success.

Properly dosing the Clen

A large majority of Clen users, whether amateurs or professionals, tend to follow the Clen only cycle with a dosage intake varying from 60mcg to 140mcg per day while the fairer sex tends to follow a dosage level somewhere between 40mcg to 120mcg per day. It is quite common for male professionals to start off the cycle with 60mcg every day and increase the intake by 20mcg till the maximum level of 120mcg is reached. However, female users opt to start off from 40mcg per day increasing the intake on a daily basis until the 120mcg level is reached.

The commonly followed Clen cycle is 2-days on and 2-days off or a 2-weeks on and 2-weeks off format. Some professional opt to stack the Clen with other supplements like Winstrol to obtain higher gains during the second week of their cycle while others tend to use the stacking option from the very beginning. But whatever be the course of action followed it is necessary to opt for the legal equivelants as the consequences for an illegal action can turn out to be quite serious.

Discovering the right source of purchase

Though the Clen is labelled as a legal drug in most countries, the actual status depends mostly on the prevailing rules and regulations of the concerned States. This compound being listed as a controlled substance in the USA and Canada there are certain guidelines and formats that are required to be listed in order to purchase it legally from the market. The current status of this component is that it is used for veterinary purposes on horses suffering from breathing ailments. Some wholesalers allow this product to be purchased in bulk or in the form of raw ingredients.

Moreover, there are various online stores that market this supplement to satisfy the demand of all class of people enabling them to opt for a legal source of purchase. Due to the complicated legal status it is recommended to prefer these online legal equivelants to ensure quality and genuine products at the right price. However, it must be noted that since the Clen is not marketed for human consumption in many states the concentration level of the product may vary making it difficult for users to estimate the dosage level with accuracy. This mandates seeking help from a licensed medical practitioner to avoid any such complications.