Perfect Ideas for Ironing Burlap

Burlap is famous utility material used by many homeowners for decorative purposes and crafts. A lot of people also make use of the material for decorating weddings by making burlap ribbon and bows. Burlap is a hard material; however, it develops wrinkles as folded and such wrinkles are not easy to remove. Handling the material easier and producing better results when decorating or crafting can be done by ironing burlap before using it. It is important for crafters to follow the right steps so the fabric will not get warped.

Knowing What is Burlap

Burlap is a rough fabric made from many kinds of plant fibers which include flax, hemp or jute. Burlap fabric was used by people as sacking material in the past in order to store or ship goods. Burlap can be:

  • Canvas- This type of burlap has a slightly looser wave. Its texture is softer than other kinds of burlap. Canvas burlap is best for lampshades and curtains as light can shine through.
  • Hawaiian Hemp- This tightly-woven fabric has harder texture. It can rough or itchy. This is the right burlap for sturdier projects like bags.

Washing and Ironing Burlap

Washing: People can expect fresh burlap to have a strong smell and this can develop warps and wrinkles depending on whether it is stored on bolts or folded. Such problems are not a concern for industrial uses; however, people who wish to use the fabric in their home must wash and iron it first.

In order to remove fresh burlap’s smell, it is important to wash it before use. Washing the material is safe in a washing machine. When washing a huge quantity of this fabric, burlap must be cut into shorter lengths. To make sure that the freshly cut edges will not unravel, it is best to zigzag stitch the edges over with a sewing machine. Warm water must be used. When the burlap still has unacceptable smells after a single wash cycle, a second cycle can be tried. It is possible for the smell not to come out completely but it can be significantly reduced. To freshen the burlap and minimize the smell, it can be hanged in the sun for one or two days.

Ironing: Burlap fabric can be ironed while wet or if it dries. In order to iron press out the wrinkles, a medium to high heat setting is required especially for linen or silk fabrics. Also, if the fabric is dry, it requires some steam. When ironing, it is necessary to procure a sturdy and stable work surface first. A good ironing board must be used or a person can prefer to spread out a towel on a wide table or countertop. Those who will not utilize an ironing board can select a safe place for setting down the steam iron ensuring that no surface can be damaged.

Ironing dry burlap requires the use of the iron’s steam setting so that the wrinkles will be removed. Alternatively, a spray bottle that has water can be used for dampening the fabric before ironing it. The stem iron must be kept moving over the fabric to avoid scorching it. It may be necessary to iron the two sides because of the burlap fabric’s heaviness.

Author Bio: Rhea is a crafts blogger. She has been in this niche for five years now focusing on the making of burlap ribbons.