Perfect Options for Casual Chic Wear Now

Casual chic is a dress code that is very common at weddings. It is so popular because many guests can agree with this. It’s a bit in between. It is not casual but also not over the top chic. You can combine garments nicely. A somewhat upscale skirt with casual shoes for example. In other words, at Casual Chic it is all about ensuring that you go to a wedding and show that you have done your best. We have collected a number of pretty examples to inspire you for a casual chic dress code. Which is your favorite? Casual does not mean that you have to appear in a hotpants at a wedding. You will be nicely dressed, but it is less strict than other dress codes.

Dress code Casual Chic for women

If an important friend is getting married, we can imagine that you want to shop and want to appear with a nice new outfit. With this dress code you can really do a good job and combine many things. This dress code is very wide. Mix neatly with casual. Think of a neat skirt and simple top, a chic dress with a sporty bag etc. Think carefully about what kind of party it is and adjust your outfit accordingly. There are no guidelines for the length of the skirt. You can Visit here to get more information regarding this.

Bare legs are allowed

Often you really have some items in the closet that suit Casual Chic. It is just how you combine it. A chic blazer with a summer dress could very well for example. Since this dress code is so wide, you have to think a bit more yourself. Where is the party? Is it on the beach or outside or in a more upscale restaurant?

If you really need something new, check the examples below. These items all fit very well with this dress code. The nice thing about these items is that you can simply transfer them after the wedding, for example to your work!

Casual chic dresses

With a dress you are always good. It looks very festive and with the dress code Casual Chic you do not have special guidelines on how long the skirt should be minimal. You can go for a dress and ‘pimp’ it with a cozy jacket, nice shawl and do not forget the jewelry! The gentlemen can go all the way with Casual Chic. A nice idea for example is a nice jacket with a bit more casual pants. Finish your outfit with nice, neat shoes and you’ve got the dress code perfect!


A Chino is a casual pant that you can combine with a slightly tougher jacket. Also not wrong, you can just transfer that chino. If you want to be dressed a little more chic, do not wear a shirt, but a shirt on these pants. Do not forget to pay attention to your belt and shoes. If you want to be more chic for the day, then apply the color belt to your shoes. Do not go for sneakers, but learn shoes. Do not you have a jacket in your closet yet? The Casual Chic dress code not only occurs at weddings, but also at other parties. So it’s always handy to have one. Do you want to know more? Visit here and get the best information for the same.