Rarest Types Of Diamonds That Are Good For Investments

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. No woman would be able to deny the desire to have at least one diamond ring. However, for any man who knows about sound investments would also befriend these shiny jewelry elements. There are a number of colored diamonds that are really rare. Being rare, they are pricey and their value is really high. If you want to invest in diamonds, you should know about these diamonds.

  1. Pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are popular among women for their color. Besides color, one thing that sets these diamonds apart from the rest of them is the rarity. The most popular types of pink diamonds are Pink Argyle Diamonds, Graff pink, Steinmetz Pink, and Perfect Pink.

  1. Yellow diamonds

While pink diamonds are more popular as jewelry elements, like in wedding rings and engagement rings, yellow ones are more popular for being invested in. It has been found out that yellow diamonds make less than 0.1 percent of the total number of diamonds in the entire world. They are so popular that people book them even before they are processed. Both pink and yellow diamonds are the most highly demanded diamonds out of all.

  1. Blue diamonds

Blue diamond is seen to be the second rarest diamond out of all, following pink diamond. While pink is a bit more common among people, blue is still rare when it comes to purchasing. The most popular blue diamonds are Wittelsbach Graff and Hope Diamond.

  1. Red diamonds

Red diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds in the world. However, these are never found in the exact deep red shade. You’d always notice them to have a mix of purple or brown. The most valuable red diamonds out of the lot are Hancock Red Diamon and Moussaieff Red Diamond. Recently, the value of red diamonds has been seen to be really high.

  1. Orange diamonds

Orange diamonds are not preferred for jewelry work. You won’t exactly find women wearing an orange diamond ring and flaunting it with all the grace. However, orange diamonds are more popular among specialists who have a deep knowledge of diamonds. These are one of the top diamonds that are just right for being invested in. Out of all the orange diamonds, the Pumpkin Orange Diamond is the most popular one.

  1. Green diamonds

Green diamonds are yet another fancy kind of diamonds hat are worth a lot of money. The biggest problem however is that, in green diamonds, many diamond merchants use artificial colors to make it look perfect and intense. And it is really hard to make out if any artificial color has been used. Other diamonds cannot be enhanced with artificial colors like green diamonds. The most popular green diamonds are- the Dresden Green Diamond and the Ocean Dream Diamond.

While these are the colorful diamonds that are both rare and a good way to invest money, there are some rare white diamonds as well. Among all the white diamonds, the most expensive ones are the D grade diamonds. So, if you are getting a ring made and want to invest as well, you can get a D grade white diamond.