Selling Your Jewelry to Make a Little Extra Cash

Selling Your Jewelry to Make a Little Extra Cash

Most women have some extra jewelry lying around that is either gathering dust due to not being worn, possibly because it is unfashionable. In some cases, it may even be jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation and has sentimental value. Of course, any sentiment to jewelry is important and something such as this is invaluable to most people. But if you are needing some extra cash and you do have jewelry that is being unused, why not sell it so that someone else can enjoy it?

Where to Sell?

The best place to sell jewelry is usually not online. It may be tempting to go to one of the many auction sites or classified sites and list your stash of jewelry but there are a few problems with this:

  • Scams: It is unfortunately true that some people run scams when it comes to buying jewelry. A lot of this anti-social behavior is online so if you want to avoid losing more money than you bargained for, choose somewhere else.
  • Value: The other thing to remember is that unless you’re a qualified jewelry expert, the chance are pretty good that you won’t know the true value of the pieces that you are selling. It may be tempting to sell a piece to get some quick cash but what if it is worth more? How will you know?

Some of the best places to sell jewelry are right here in NYC. In fact, going to an establishment that specializes in evaluating and selling jewelry will mean that your pieces are valued at the best market price. Indeed, some people even get a surprise when they have their jewelry evaluated by a professional only to find that it is worth a lot more than they had bargained for!

These establishments will assess and evaluate any piece of jewelry on the spot. This means that you can decide quickly whether or not to sell. This is certainly a lot better and safer than haphazardly pricing and selling old jewelry online where you might actually lose money on a rare or valuable piece.

Why Sell Your Old Jewelry?

Most women love their jewelry but the trouble is that most women can’t afford everything that they want. Fashions come and go, and if a person wishes to keep up with the trends when it comes to jewelry, it makes more sense to sell off older and unfashionable pieces and then put the money towards buying new and current pieces. In the long run, this can save a whole heap of money.

Why Wear Jewelry?

The fact is that jewelry makes women feel more confident about themselves whether they are in social situations or elsewhere. In today’s society where women, both young and old, are subjected to negative messages in the media, self-esteem and self-confidence can be a rare commodity. A fine piece of fashionable jewelry feeds into a feeling of confidence and can even make a woman feel more important.