The World of Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights are one of the most popular and perennial items of legwear in the world. Each and every season they come back in force. Sometimes it is a fashion piece that uses a fishnet as a base for some exotic pattern like a floral that sits atop the material. Other times it is a partial inclusion, like a net stitched into a larger piece of lace or panels of fishnets mixed with stripes or checkers. But always there is at least one classic fishnet that has no changes or alterations made to it whatsoever.

In the world of fashion, there are few items that could possibly compete with this one particular accolade, check out the latest fishnet fashions at UKTights now. A pattern, colour or particular design almost never comes back into a collection every single year and season. Occasionally there are elements that come back, like the vertical stripe which is always in there somewhere. But for the exact same item to come back is a real rarity. We can all think of a few of these timeless pieces, like the James Dean favourite, a plain white t-shirt with a breast pocket, or the indomitable Levi 501s, or Chuck Taylor All Stars. Well, in the world of leg wear, fishnet tights are like the wool pea coat or the little black dress.

So what is so great about them that’s made them so popular? One thing is that they go with everything. If you get a smaller net, you can look sexy in them for a party, or you can pair them with something more formal like a pencil skirt for the office. This is always the first thing a fashionista thinks about when she finds something she likes. What will it go with and what occasions could she use it for. Well fishnet tights pass this particular test with flying colours.

Speaking of the size of the nets, it’s definitely true that the kind of fishnet and the size of the diamonds is very important. A bigger diamond can make them much more striking, even though there is a lot less material there. If fact, it is because there is a lot less material there that this is the case. The less there is, the more the effect of the tights stands out, like a backseam on a sheer leg. They are attractive and eye catching and a larger fishnet pattern is a great think for adding something daring to your outfit.

But if you want something timeless, stylish and sophisticated, then you can go for a micronet. These are simple fishnet tights that have a much closer knit with diamonds that are only a centimetre or a couple of centimetres across. These make the shapes of the diamonds an actual pattern, and one that is completely transformed in its appearance. It is just as feminine, but so much better suited to more formal occasions or professional looks, making it great for everything from a party, to a date, to the office, to an interview. If you want versatility with a little subtlety, then a micronet fishnet tights design is what you need.