Three Types of Shirts for any Occasion

Going to the movies, date night, or ringing in the New Year with friends and your spouse? Or if you are dressing for a job interview or starting a new job you want to look your best. The right shirt can make or break any outfit choice you have in mind. But, there are just a few types of shirts which can be worn for any occasion, whether it is work or play. With Krowmark you will find these three styles.

1. The dress/button down – 

An oxford shirt, nicely pressed, linen blend or all cotton blend, is the type of shirt you can wear pretty much anywhere. It goes well with slacks, you can wear it with dress pants or trousers, and women can pair it with a nice pencil skirt for an interview. It can be worn casually or you can dress it up with a tie (or accent piece for the ladies). Solid print, single or multi-colored, and any material blend is going to look good. It is of course up to the wearer to iron and press the shirt, if you want to dress to impress and look your best of course.

2. The Polo – 

Yes, you can pull off a polo style shirt, even in a formal type of gathering. The right material finish is going to look good, and when paired up with nice loafers, a tie, or even a sports coat or jacket, can make you look elegant. For ladies, it is the type of blouse or shirt you can dress up or down as well. Want to dress it up? Choose a silk or nicer linen blend, you can even go with a distinct print style. Dress down day? A cotton blend, or even sleeveless polo top will pair well with jeans, a skirt ,or even shorts on a warmer day.

3. V-Neck – 

A v-neck shirt comes in various shapes and sizes, as well as material or linen blends. It is the type of shirt you can wear with pants, skirts, jeans, or trousers. A deeper v-neck is ideal for a formal occasion, and can be worn with an under shirt to cover up if necessary. For a dressy day in the office, pair it with a coat, jacket, or other accessories, and go with a smaller (or less visible) v-style to dress things up a bit.

Of course the material chosen, the color or print, and the brand you choose, are all going to be dictated by the occasion and who you are going out with. But, both men and women are going to find that there are certain styles which are classic, elegant, and they can be dressed up for a formal event, or can be dressed down if going out with friends or family somewhere which allows for a casual dress style. When choosing the perfect shirt or blouse, no matter where you are going or the event you are going to, these are a few great styles which will work well for any occasion or event you are planning to attend.