Top Bollywood Actresses & Their Famous Designer Gowns

Bollywood actresses and their lavish gowns are one of the top talking of every industry. For instance, Aishwarya’s lavish Disney princess gown in blue at the red carpet, Deepika Padukone extra deep sassy gown at the event and there is actually a complete list of such extra special Bollywood gowns in the industry that have taken a much wide discussion topic.

The best factors of Bollywood gowns which make them really steal worthy jewels are:

  • They are designed by top class designers
  • There is a signature style of the designers present in these gowns.
  • These extra special gowns are exquisitely and intricately created by premium fabrics.
  • They are customised for the wearer to make them look perfect and comfortable throughout the event.
  • Choice of colours and additional mark-ups are provided by the manufacturer.
  • Buy online gowns and the offers are quite dazzling during specific times of the year.

Check out the top Bollywood actresses & their famous designer gowns that have made media and fans go WAOwao all the time:

Aishwarya Rai

How can we forget to mention the beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai on the top list!? Her choice of clothes and makeup always complements her personality. They are also the factors of her great boost. In 2017s Cannes Festival, she chose to wear Dubai-based Filipino fashion designer Michael Cinco.

The jaw-dropping frock featured a large tulle skirt and corset-style top that was covered with silver sequins in a pretty floral design. The sassy neckline and shoulder puffs are something that took all the peers’ breath during the whole show.

Deepika Padukone

 Deepika Padukone can be trusted for the bold dress wear and at times traditional Bollywood gowns as well. The actress has not failed to look divine even while shooting overseas and coming to Bollywood. She filled the headlines wearing the dangerously deep necked golden sequinned dress at the premier of XXX Xander Cage in 2017.

She stepped out ia n scene-stealing sequinned golden gown and straight hair locks. They were styled at the back and some of the locks were resting freely on her shoulders. The extra long gown was a perfect for her athletic tall figure.

Priyanka Chopra

India’s desin girl and everyone’s favourite Priyanka Chopra has never failed her style statement. Be it MET gala, Oscars, award show in Mumbai or athleisure walk in London streets.

One of the most talked gown that she wore at the MET gala red carpet is her Ralph Lauren evening gown in New York. This iconic trench coat gown displayed her strong personality and wittiness perfectly at the show. She donned it with a black heeled boots and a high bun for a stress free walk. Well, the decision was best must say!

The trench coat train was so long that there were dedicated helpers to get her up the stairs. Posed with Nicki Jonas and other celebrities, she marked her place in the event.

Sonam Kapoor

When we are talking about fashion, how can we take a side from the fashion icon, Sonam Kapoor! She has been spotted in most bold as well as traditional dresses and she nailed both types like a boss. Be it Bollywood gowns including sarees, western frocks or highlanders, she knows how to look stand differently in the crowd.